Bertoncello Ceramic D'Arte


Bertoncello Ceramiche D'Arte was founded in Schiavon, Italy around 1956 and was first known as LBP, an acronym created with the first letters of the founders surnames Mr Lini, Giovanni Bertoncello and Mr Pizzato.

For many years it was run solely by Giovanni Bertoncello (b. 1930 - d. 2011) and his brother Felice after Mr Lini left the company a few years after the pottery's founding. By the 1970s the pottery had grown to a staff of around 30 with Giovanni being the creative driving force behind the forms and glazes. In the early years Giovanni benefited from some support by a a Venetian teacher, Mr. Boatto.

Sadly not a lot is known about the company as all its catalogues and archives were destroyed when the company closed in 1999, however, the legacy of Bertoncello's design is undeniable in the history of Italian mid century art ceramics. 

Bertoncello's signature designs are often very sculptural, with echoes from geometricism and modern architecture. Dramatic curves, rounded edges and corners, pierced forms and an organic feel are recurring features. 

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