Bitossi Ceramiche


The Bitossi family has been documented as being in the territory of Montelupo Fiorentino as far back as 1536. Over the centuries they have been kiln workers, sculptors, painters, but especially potters with its ancient ceramic traditions, located in this area, a few kilometres away from the city of Florence. 

Guido Bitossi founded the 'Maioliche artistiche Guido Bitossi' factory in 1921 and it would be after World War II, before master ceramist Aldo Londi (b. 1911 - d. 2003) would become the creative director of Bitossi Ceramiche.

Londi would hold the position for more than 50 years, introducing the renewed style and design, characteristic to Bitossi. Londi had apprenticed in ceramics at the young age of 11 and brought deep expertise in traditional ceramics production to Bitossi.

He’s best known for his 1950s-era collection, this Rimini Blu. This iconic mid-century modern series contains over 150 designs, including bowls, vases, jugs and animal figurines, all glazed in a vibrant blue hue and embossed with abstract motifs and shapes.

Londi created the first piece glazed in Persiano Blue, the Ball Vase in 1955. Shortly after 1959, he began to create more pieces in this proprietary glaze. The collection holds historical importance because it helped to bring handcrafted and expressive works into the modernist design conversation in Italy.

Though blue was not the only colour Bitossi favoured, it has become closely associated with the brand’s identity. The collection is still in production today and widely collected by ceramics enthusiasts.

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