Bjorn Wiinblad


Bjorn Wiinblad (b.1918 - d. 2006)

Wiinblad was born in 1918 in Copenhagen to Otto and Ebba Wiinblad and it would1935 until he began his training, he would go on to graduate five years later in 1940. Once graduated, Wiinblad sought the path to his first passion of art and enrolled in graphic school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In1943, fellow student Lars Syberg would invite him to his ceramics workshop and Wiinblad would find his first creative outlet. In 1945, Wiinblad debuted with an extensive exhibition in Palægade in Copenhagen with a collection of ceramics, drawings and posters. Wiinblad would become firm friends Jacob E. Bang around this time, who engaged him to work for Nymølle. 

From the beginnings at Nymolle, Wiinblad received multiple commissions, from designing textile and embroidery patterns for the Håndværkdets Fremme to drawing posters, book and magazine illustrations. Wiinblad drew for the United Nations in Paris as well as costume and stage design for several theatrical performances. His fame grew at home in Denmark but soon it would extend to Norway and Sweden and in 1950 his ceramics were exhibited at Bonnier's in New York, which specialised in Scandinavian design. 

Wiinblad's recognition and acclaim would continue to grow, bringing him a silver medal at the first international ceramics festival in 1955 in Cannes, France and appointment as artistic director for Rosenthal in 1960. Wiinblad's successes, however, would not stop there, his continued achievements have been extensively documented and celebrated on the dedicated website:

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